My Granny

This past weekend my granny passed into the arms of Jesus. Though I am tempted to say she lost her battle to Alzheimer's, I am choosing to say she won her battle of enduring this life and finishing her race.

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Goals for 2018

It's the last week of 2017! My holiday schedule is slowing down and I am looking forward to bringing in the new year!

I stopped making New Year resolutions a long time ago when I realized most of them never got done after the first month, but I do like making a list of realistic goals for the new year and seeing how many of them have been completed the following December....

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The First Time I Called Myself a Photographer

I took a careers class in the 8th-grade. It was required in my middle school to start encouraging students to think what career path they might like to take as they went into high school and beyond. I don't remember what my answers were after taking the test, but I do remember writing down on my "high school path" that I wanted to major in Biology, minor in Zoology at Clemson University, and I wanted to work at a zoo. Bet you thought I was going to say photography? NOPE.

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