My Favorite Photography Lens

My favorite photography lens

My favorite lens to use is my Nikon 50mm F1.8 lens. Here's why.

My 50mm lens is a fixed lens. That means that I can not zoom in my camera with it. If I want to get closer or farther away from my subjects I have to walk with my feet. I am a wedding, engagement, and portrait photographer. I work mostly with people and their stories. To me, not being able to zoom in my camera is perfect for that because it forces me to walk around and interact with my subjects more!

My 50mm has a low f stop range. If you aren't a photographer you are probably wondering what a f stop is. The f stop is a setting on your camera that affects the aperture of your camera. The aperture is the size of the hole that lets light in through your lens. Lower f stops make a bigger or wider hole for light to come in through causing the creamy blury backgrounds and bokeh effect in images. Manipulating the aperture also is another way to create depth in your images!

I love my 50mm because I can get sharp images and it's versatile it what you can photograph. I could shoot a whole wedding day with just my 50mm lens if I had to.

Here are more images I've taken with my 50mm!

Creamy backgrounds & foregrounds are my favorite!

Here is an example of bokeh (the little circles of light in the background)