Thanksgiving 2017


The Holidays are always my favorite time of year because it's one part of the year I get to see the most of my family. Yay for eating lots of yummy food, seeing family, and resting from a busy season!  As I get older, I tend to cherish each moment with them more because it is getting harder to coordinate schedules!

I started Thanksgiving at my parents home. Our home cooked meal was a little less traditional but it suits our family well. Dad grilled steaks! Then we headed over to my Aunt Net's house for pie and lovin' on the littlest cousins. They bring so much joy to my heart. I could probably write a blog post for each little one and the impact their parents have had on me, but I'll leave you with this - being a "big" cousin to the littlest ones in my family has been one of the sweetest things in my life! 

The next day, we headed to my grandma's house for a home cooked traditional Thanksgiving meal! It's always a fun time sitting around the dinner table hearing old stories of the days she spent working and growing up on a farm. 

This year I am really thankful for the place God has brought me to. I know that has become sort of a cliche saying, but it's very true for me this year. I have so much peace with where he has me!!

Here are a few snapshots of Thanksgiving.