The two MOST important things to look for when hiring your photographer.

I get asked all the time about what brides-to-be should look for when looking for a photographer. The more I think about this question, the more I think it boils down to two simple things, their style and their personality. 

Business is booming in the photography industry. New photographers are popping up left and right. With so much education available online for free for new photographers it has become relatively easy for people to start up their own business. There are so many options and price ranges, it can be a little overwhelming to choose.

When looking for a wedding photographer it is important to look at their style. If you don't love the way a photographers images look, chances are you are looking at the wrong photographer for you. I think this is why the wedding photography industry is thriving so much right now. Everyone has a unique eye and perspective to bring to the table. Some of my friends in the photography industry love crisp sharp photos. Some like to capture special moments and don't necessarily care if the image is crisp as long as the important information is there. You can learn a lot about a photographer's style simply by looking at the images on their website. Do you like bright, airy images? Do you like Vibrant images with lots of color? Can you envision yourself in the photographer's work? It's important to ask yourself these questions because these images are what will be left after your big day for years to come!

The next thing I think is most important when looking for a photographer is their personality. How are they interacting with you when you contact them? What are their post on social media like? You might think its absurd to care about your photographer's personality when they are only going to interact with you for one day, but that one day counts. When you connect with a photographer and you like their style of work, you will trust your photographer 100% on your wedding day.

When you trust your photographer you have one less thing to worry about. You will trust when they say to pose a certain way. You will trust that they will capture the moments that count so you aren't worried about what they are doing during the wedding. You will trust them to show up on time. You will trust them to handle your day professionally. But most importantly, you will trust the images that you get will be what you wanted.