My Favorite Instagram Accounts

Man oh Man am I excited about today's blog post!!

I LOVE Instagram. My friends usually roll their eyes at me because I say things like " I have no shame in my Insta-game." or "Do it for the Insta!". Even though I don't use them for my wedding photography, I love square compositions. There is just something about Instagram that is more appealing to me than any other social media. 

In college, I decided to manage 2 Instagram accounts while I was running and growing my business. Now I am attached to them both so I don't want to get rid of them! Ill link both of them in this blog post. Today I am sharing with you, my favorite Instagram accounts!!

Ps.Ny is in my top 5. I think this little dog is soooooooo cute! Not to mention I LOVE all the blush pink and healthy food recipes they share! I love scrolling through this account and admiring all the images.

Kendall has some of the CUTEST twin baby boys I have ever seen. I love her white aesthetic.

This minimalistic Instagram account is awesome! I love their heart for Christ and how they combine that with a simple aesthetic!

Robert and Christina are ADORABLE.  Christina's style is so cute!

If I had to pick just ONE Instagram account for style goals... Julia Hengel takes the cake.  This is a woman after my own heart with all her dresses and Charleston, SC style! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Kacy photographs the backs of women. You usually don't see her subjects faces. I love this body of work so much. There is something amazing about seeing all the different skin colors and types side by side. None of them are elevated above the other. It shows how strong and how similar we are as people, but also how different and beautiful we are as individuals. 

Ruth is one of my favorite artist. Her love for art, Christ, and her boys is inspiring. The wisdom she has shared on her account has been a great comfort in some difficult times.

I just really like ceramics.


These are a few of my favorite accounts. 

Here are my two accounts - @BeckyFrancesPhotography @Becky.Frances

What are some of your favorite accounts to follow? Comment below! I would love to take a look.