I am on a book launch team Y'all!


I was never the girl who was picked first playing any sport. I must have gotten 18 or 20 rejection letters when I applied for internships in college. I've submitted my email countless times for free giveaways on instagram. I've never been picked.

Gracelaced is one of my favorite artist. Like me, she paints a lot of flowers. I came across her instagram during a very hard time in my life. Her art inspired me to paint scripture and during that season, painting scripture in my watercolor pad was the only way I could mediate on truth. I couldn't read my bible, I couldn't hear truth from people who loved and cared about me, but I could sit there through my anxiety and let the art of painting truth still my heart. It became a form of worship that calmed my nerves.

Ruth's words are full of grace, love, and wisdom. One day I hope to write like her.


A couple weeks ago Gracelaced announced that they needed a group of women to join the book launch team. I decided to apply even though I never get picked first for anything. (refer back to paragraph one) 

To my surprise they selected me to join the book launch team. I am so excited to read this book and share more about it in the next few weeks! I am already head over heels excited for all her art inside these pages!

You can pre-order her book at www.gracelaced.com/gracelacedbook