365 Project | Day 1

365 Project

Do you know anyone who has taken a photo a day for a whole year? Maybe you've done it. Maybe not. 

I've attempted challenges like that before... and failed numerous times, but I'm always drawn to them. In college, I was constantly assigned projects so I was taking pictures of everything. I hate to admit it, but since those days have been over I haven't picked up my camera and just played in a while. I miss playing. 

This round of 365 I am making my own rules because art is all about breaking the rules and making your own. I may post a photo a day. I may not. But, this project won't be complete until I have documented 365 days of photos regardless of if they are captured consecutively or once a week. Cumulatively there will be 365 days of photos, thoughts, blurbs, and stories.

Red Tomato In Garden

Day 1 | 7.28.17

Today we had a bad storm in Rock Hill. I went outside to check on my family's turtles in the backyard. The world is more beautiful to me covered in little drops of water. The light was even and flat. My favorite kind of light. The kind of light that I associate with peace. I noticed this little red tomato in my aunt's garden, so I snapped a photograph.