The Wedding Experience

everything you need to know about booking weddings with Becky Frances Photography


Chances are you are here because you are either engaged to the love of your life or you are here because you love beautiful pictures! No matter the cause, you are in the right place my friend.

I love weddings! Serving my bride and grooms brings so much joy to me as I watch two become one. I believe in the power of legacies. I believe in the power of family. I believe in the sacred covenant of marriage. Before every wedding I pray over my bride and groom. I pray for their marraige, their wedding day, and that I might be able to capture geniune and joyful moments throughout the day.

I want to help build legacies by capturing where they start - where one fold of the tapastry meets the other and becomes one beautiful mosaic journey.

Years from now I want you to look back at YOUR day and remember the way the vail fell on your face. I want you to remember walking down the aisle and seeing your husband or your wife for the first time. I want you to remember that first kiss as one, the faces of those who came to celebrate you, and the details that were so carefully thought about and planned for months to come.

Your story is in good hands here.


How Do We Get Started?

The first step to book a wedding with Becky Frances Photography is to get to know each other. Fill out the form below to get the booking process started! I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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